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Wolf Lake, from Eggers Woods Forest Preserve.

(Photo by Joann Podkul © 2006)

CSI Mission Statement: The Calumet Stewardship Initiative envisions a Calumet region marked by vibrant communities and cultures, healthy natural areas and a strong economy. Toward this end, the Calumet Stewardship Initiative engages residents and member organizations in partnerships that advance nature education, environmental stewardship, scientific discovery, cultural understanding and economic growth.

We welcome you to the website of the Calumet Stewardship Initiative (CSI), a coalition of more than 40 civic, cultural and environmental organizations serving the Calumet Region of Northwest Indiana and Southeast Chicago, Illinois.

In the pages of this site, you will find articles from the current edition of the CSI News & Events newsletter (next page); recognition of organizations who have been especially supportive of CSI activities (Accolades); a listing of activities and events sponsored by CSI member organizations (Activities Schedule); special announcements of unique events (Announcements); articles from CSI members received after the print version of the current CSI newsletter has been published (Guest Articles); a listing of on-going educational programs conducted and/or supported by CSI members (Environmental Education Programs); information about affiliated Learning Centers and Museums; the current list of CSI member organizations (Links to Member Organizations); and to other, similarly engaged, organizations (Links to Other Related Organizations); a record of the CSI teachers conference, Conserving Calumet: Teaching GreenGrants Announcements; Green Job announcements, and the following website archive pages:

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We at the Calumet Stewardship Initiative hope that you will enjoy these pages and, more importantly, enjoy becoming involved in the many activities conducted by CSI member organizations and their associates.   For an illustration of benefits that can be gained by participating in CSI events, see the article, "At-home vacation" opportunities abound in the Calumet Region (

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